Contact information for Rotary Farmers Market Committee 2020 

Peggy Willhide 704 682 1204           Fred Sanford 704 402 9043           Anna Rice 704 892 6902                  Kevin Combs 704 929 9707

Buddy Gaither 704 546 2523            J.W. Reich III 704 806 6528          Richard Holshouser 704 881 2991    Carol Johnson 704 528 5339 

For Rotarians new to helping at the Market, Committee members will try to show you in advance what the duties are, or be there to help orient you to the market. Thanks for being part of the oldest and best known fund raiser by the Rotary Club of Statesville. 

Social Distancing Farmers/vendors will be positioned in alternate spaces this year. Customers entering the Market are expected to maintain 6 ft. distance from other customers, especially as they park their vehicles and as they wait in any lines. Customers should wear masks and Rotarians while on site, wear mask and help the farmers/vendors as much as possible to maintain social distancing. 


Produce is to be pre-packaged and prices pre-marked as much as possible, to minimize open open displays of produce. Any produce, baked goods, crafts, eggs, honey etc. must be of local, regional origin. No one can purchase goods elsewhere and bring them for sale in the Rotary Farmers Market. If a question arises, note this on the Daily Report Sheet and contact one of the Committee members. 

Farmers should use masks and each farmer should have hand sanitizer, or wipes or a cleanser spray with paper towels at their space. Some farmers may have customers who have called in, placed an order and pick up their prepared orders at the Market. 


Opening the Market: Any forms needed will be on a clipboard, in a barrel on the porch of the old Courthouse Building up Meeting Street / across from the Plaza Apartment building. Daily Report Sheets, Registration forms and Guidelines for the farmers/vendors new to the Market. 

Traffic cones will be stacked against the north wall of the Market site (where the wall paintings are). Arrange 2-3 cones across each end of the Market lot to prevent cars from driving into the center section of the lot. (the farmers are helpful to show you where the cones work best if you are new to this). 

More cones are to be placed, one in each unoccupied, “spacing” space between the farmers. 

You will need a pen, maybe some $$ to make change. We will try to have a supply of masks and sanitizer in the barrel for Rotarians to use and we can offer to replenish sanitizer for the Farmers as well. 7 AM to Noon are the advertised hours for the Market. 

Closing the Market: Rotarian to close should arrive between Noon and 12:30. First, check the barrel on the porch of the Old Courthouse Building to find the clipboard and Daily Report Sheet that was started earlier by the Opener. 

You may find on site, other farmers who came into the market after the Opener left. They may need to do a registration form and receive a copy of the Guidelines. Collect the Daily Pay of $5.00 from them if they are not PREPAID or collect fee indicated if they want to pay in advance and reserve a space by month(s). Retain the golden Registration form and the completed Daily Report Sheet on the clipboard. 

Retrieve the orange traffic cones and return them to the north area on site (where the outdoor paintings are). Leave the paperwork and clipboard in the barrel, but take any monies collected with you, to turn in at the next Rotary meeting, or mail a check to the Treasurer for the Farmers Market: 

Fred Sanford 520 Dogwood Rd. Statesville, NC 28625 

If you are unsure of which dates and times you are working the Farmer's Market please call one of the committee members listed above.