(thanks for helping with this oldest fund- raising effort of our club, dating back four decades)

 Rotary Farmers Market 2019 


 Opens each Wednesday and Saturday morning 7 AM to noon; May 18thto October 12th.


The supplies you need are located on the back porch of the Old City Hall building, facing on Meeting Street, directly across from the Plaza Apartments.  Traffic cones, paper supplies, clipboard etc.



SAFETY FEATURE:  Traffic conesare put at strategic points of the Market lot to prevent cars from driving too close to the vendor stalls or the foot traffic of the Market Clipboardwith the Daily Report sheet(names of farmers/vendors and their reserved spaces if 

Prepaid, plus spaces open for daily pay farmers/vendors.  Write in the date, your name.


Copies of the Guidelines for the farmers/vendors.  These are general instructions on the rules for the Market; they have been distributed to all the Farmers/Vendors who have already registered with us; if you sign up a new farmer or vendor for our Market, please give them a copy of these Guidelines and save their sign- up form on the clipboard. 

Optional:  Rotary apron(or a Rotarian shirt) is to identify you to the public and the farmers

Monies you collect should be totaled and turned into Fred Sanford or any members of the Rotary Farmers Market Committee at the next regular Rotary meeting. Please don’t leave any money in the barrel, take it with you.


The daily pay fee for a vendor using an unassigned selling space is $5.00  Farmers/vendors who have prepaid are already marked for you on the Daily Report sheet, and the number for their reserved space(s).


Later in the summer, there may be additional instructions on answering any questions on the state- based Farmers Senior Nutrition Assistance Program for senior citizens who have been identified as food insecure.  Rotary Farmers Market is the only local market that has this program.  


The assignment schedule is posted on the Rotary Club of Statesville web site, ( and for each month, the Rotary Spokes bulletin will list those working that month.  The first name listed will open the Market, the second name closes the Market. 


On your appointed day, you should arrive by 7 or 7:15 to open.  Be sure to return the clipboard and that day’s Report Sheet to the barrel for your friend, the Rotarian closer who will be coming by later to register any farmers/vendors who came in late; take up the cones and complete any notations on the Daily Report Sheet.  It is fine to write observations on that sheet.   The Rotary Farmers Committee collects and saves all these Daily Report Sheet, so observations and/or questions you have are helpful.

Each Rotarian participating in this club-wide fund- raising project will receive an e mail a few days before their scheduled time at the Rotary Farmers Market.  You are responsible for your time, even if you missed your courtesy reminder.


You receive credit for one excused club meeting absence for each time you work in the Market.  Rotary Farmers Market committee members can assist you if you need a trade or change in the schedule.   


Thanking you in advance for another great season this year, we are:Rotary Farmers’ Market Committee 2019

Peggy Willhide 704 872 4645 or 704 682 1204                 Anna Rice 704 892 6902

Fred Sanford 704 402 9043                                               J. R. Reich 704 806 6528

Richard Holshouser 704 881 2991                                     Cathy Morris 704 880 1305

Kevin Combs    704 929 9707                                            Carol Johnson 704 528 5339

Buddy Gaither 704 546 2523


Market Schedule

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