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2013 Farmers Market Instruction to Rotarians

2013 Rotary Farmers’ Market Instructions to Rotarians


The 2013 Rotary Farmers’ Market will be open on Saturdays 7 am - noon, Wednesdays 7 am - noon, and Mondays 4 pm - 7 pm in the City parking lot on the corner of S. Meeting Street and W. Front Street, behind the Historic Vance Hotel.  Opening Day for the 2012 Market is Saturday, April 27, 2013, and it will close Saturday, Oct 26, 2013.


1.  BE THERE:  If you are not available to be at the Rotary Farmers’ Market on the date assigned, it is your responsibility to get your own substitute.  Let Kevin Ross know who your substitute is. Contact your assigned partner and make sure your assigned day is fully covered.  One of the assigned Rotarians should arrive at 7:00 am on Sat and Wed and 4:00 pm on Monday on the day assigned and, if appropriate and discussed, the other person could come about a half hour later to assist with the workload (during Saturdays in July/August).  Work the times out between yourselves.  It is very important to have a Rotarian present at 7 am (or 4 pm on Mondays) to assist the farmers/vendors to get into their assigned spaces as easy as possible.  Things are very tight in this parking lot.




            A.  PICK UP THE CLIPBOARD:  A small container is on the front porch of the Old Iredell County Jail, up the street on S. Meeting Street.  Inside will be the Rotary Farmers’ Market Clipboard with Daily Report Sheets, used to keep a record of the farmers/vendors present each day.  Those farmers/vendors paid for the season or months, who have been assigned spaces, will be listed in the top part of the Daily Report Sheet.  Check them off if they are present.  Write in the names and addresses of any vendors who are at the Market just for the day and who are not listed on the Daily Report Sheet.  Collect a daily fee from those who have not paid for the season or month.  Daily fees are $5 for Saturday, and $3 for Wednesday and Monday.


            B. ROTARY APRON:   In the container will be a couple of Rotary aprons.  If you wish, you can put one of these on to identify yourself as the Rotarian-In-Charge.


            C.  PUT OUT THE TRAFFIC CONES:  There are 4 orange traffic cones.  Place these traffic cones at the W. Front Street entrance into the parking lot near space #1, and near space #33. Customers can enter the parking lot from the S. Meeting Street side for customer parking. On Mondays, it is not necessary to put out the traffic cones.


            D. PICK THE TRAFFIC CONES UP AFTER THE MARKET:  At the close of the market on your assigned day, one of the two assigned Rotarians must return to the Market site, pick the traffic cones up and return them to the Old Jail porch.   The two assigned Rotarians for the day decide who is to return. 


3.  LOCAL PRODUCE ONLY: Farmers are allowed to sell only produce and products grown in the immediate local area in which they are the “original producer”.  This area is Iredell County and surrounding counties.  Vendors are asked to identify the county where their product is grown.  If you have doubts about a vendor, take his/her name and give to me.  I will deal with them.  If it is obvious the product is not local, such as bananas or oranges or watermelons in the spring, inform the vendor they cannot sell out-of-area product.


4. A vendor having a reserved space on Saturdays Only does not have exclusive rights to that space on any other day.


5. REPORTS:  At the following Rotary Club meeting, one of the assigned Rotarians give a brief report on the number of vendors present, an estimate of the crowd, and comments on the types of products offered for sale.  Give the Daily Report Sheet, along with fees collected, to Kevin Ross.


6.  FARMERS ADVISORY BOARD:  An Advisory Board, consisting of farmers selling at the Market, has been established to assist the Rotary in ensuring Guidelines for Farmers/Vendors are properly followed.




Kevin Ross

Rotary Farmers’ Market Manager  

(704) 8787-0629




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